Contributing each of our strengths to create a strong resolve

The patient and their family are at the core of our services and play a big part in the hospice IDG team. An interdisciplinary approach is used as each member of the team will assess and identify the patient’s needs and develop a well-coordinated plan of care to address their needs.

Interdisciplinary Team (IDT)

  • Physicians – The patient’s attending physician (if they have one) and the hospice physician provide oversight and direction to the plan of care.
  • Nurses – Nurses are responsible for the coordination of care among the IDG members. They assess the patient’s physiological needs and implement their plan of care. They teach and provide information to the family members that require education regarding their loved one’s disease progression and/or medications and give them the resources to manage their patient’s symptoms.
  • Certified Nursing Assistants – Trained hospice aides to perform assigned tasks such as providing personal care, bathing, and safety transfer techniques.
  • Social Workers– Assess and develop goals and interventions to meet identified psychosocial needs of the patient or their family. Social workers can provide and connect the patient or their family to available community resources.
  • Chaplains – Trained professionals who can connect to residents and families, identify their needs, and offer non-denominational spiritual support.
  • Volunteers – Hospice volunteers can fill many roles in caring for patients. They can provide support and companionship for patients and their family members.

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